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Long Beach Condo Insurance

Checking the prices of several condo insurance companies can save you money if you haven't check rates recently, especially in Long Beach, where rates have steadily dropped over the past decade. We worked with major Long Beach home insurance companies as well as national homeowners insurance companies to help save you money.

How To Save Money On Your Long Beach Insurance Policy:
  • Combine Auto Insurance & Home Insurance - By combining your Long Beach homeowners and auto insurance coverages with the same company, you'll be able to take advantage of as much as 20% in reduce savings from CA home insurance companies.
  • Understand Master Condo Policy - You need to be thinking about what you responsibility is with regards to the condo association. There are certain costs that you will be required to cover that not only relate to your own condo but also to the building as a whole. Long Beach city laws may vary so check with your association. When owners in Long Beach take out their own policies for their condos find that this doesn't offer enough coverage. Therefore if you need to be willing to add a blanket policy to your policy which will help to cover any lapses in the coverage you have currently.
  • Enough Insurance Coverage - Look closely for a condo insurance policy that will not only provide protection against theft and damage caused by fire but also one where damage may be caused to your property and belongings by water. This is important as there are pipes running throughout your Long Beach condo that are also used by other properties within the complex. Should something occur in another condo that leads to a water pipe being damaged there is a risk that this could also lead to water damage occurring in your property. If you don't take out a policy that offers such cover then any repairs to your property will need to be covered by you.

Long Beach Condo Insurance Companies

(13 reviews)
1) InsureMe
Long Beach, CA

(0 reviews)
2) Greg D Pyle Insurance Agency
100 Oceangate, Ste 403, Long Beach, CA
(562) 436-3200